pivot table not grouping dates

If the dates are grouped in the Row Labels column of a pivot table, you can easy ungroup them as follows: Right click any date or group name in the Row Labels column, and select Ungroup in the context menu. But when I create a pivot table on this source data table, I would expect the same when filtering for the same dd.mm.yyyy-formatted date column. Please let me know if all these tricks solves your Pivot table date grouping issue or not. Insert a Pivot Table, and then drag the date field to Rows,the dates are automatically grouped by Year, Quarter and Month by default. When the source data is added to the data model, you end up with an OLAP-based Power Pivot, instead of a traditional pivot table, and the grouping feature is not available. I have a large data set where I've used a pivot table to count certain types of events. Bottom line: Learn why the pivot table date group feature is disabled, grayed out, or does not work, and a few quick tips for finding the problem. Press the Ungroup button on the Analyze tab of the ribbon. 1) Select any cell 2) Take your cursor at lower part of the cell until downward arrow forms 3) Click to select rest of the cells. How To Sort Pivot Table Dates. Keep the OLAP-based pivot table too, and you’ll have two pivot tables based on the same data, using different pivot caches. I have formatted my dates in the workbook to the mm/dd/yyyy format which didn't work and I also tried converting in the data tab->text to columns->column data format=MDY and it still won't group. In the dates Grouping options, you can redefine how you want to group the dates. Re: Pivot Table - Date - Group by Month does not work @Detlef Lewin I was trying to apply your solution, when suddenly the pivot table itself divided my date into months: The problem is, I have no idea how I did this. Here is my problem: I added a few new months of data. Figure 5 – How to group pivot table date. See my article on Grouping Dates in a Pivot Table VERSUS Grouping Dates in the Source Data to learn more. In order to display the original dates without grouping, right click on the data, select Group. If you checked that box, you won't be able to group any items in the pivot table. the original table only has 'Date' (not months). See screenshot: Now you will see the dates in the … All cells will selected like this then right click and hit Group. This is not the case: The filter overlay shows every single date in a simple (pretty Long) list, not grouping by month/year at all. The automatic grouping is a default setting that can be changed. Skill level: Intermediate Group by dates / Group an Excel PivotTable by dates 2014 10 27 Susan Harkins The slicer has the dates categorized by month and excludes the dates in which there was no data. To do this, we will right-click on any of the dates, select “sort”, and lastly, click “ Newest to Oldest.” Figure 6 – How to sort pivot table date… Skill level: Beginner The date grouping feature of pivot tables is a great tool that can save us a lot of time. Learn the differences between the Group Dates feature in a pivot table and grouping dates in the source data by adding extra columns for year, month, quarter, etc. However, my slicer where I should be able to pick the month now has these new months listed as all their individual dates. To get grouping: Create a second pivot table from the source data; Do NOT check the box to add the data to the Data Model. I'm trying to count the events by month/year, but my pivot won't group the dates. When you create a pivot table, there's a check box to "Add this data to the Data Model". Everything is calculating just fine in the Pivot table. Select a cell inside the pivot table in one of the date fields. We can equally sort our dates from the most recent sales to the oldest and vice versa. If you want grouping, you’ll need a pivot table with its source data NOT added to the data model.

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