can you put loctite on oil drain plug

As I was waiting, a gent came out of the workshop with the sump plug to show me that the thread was damaged. Blue is great for something you want to take apart often. Scrub the pan with rags and rinse with water until clean. Then top up as necessary. They work great. If you have wrenches, put the closed end on the drain plug, and wedge another wrench's closed end into the 13mm wrench's open end. If a drain plug is not installed straight or is installed dirty, the plug’s threaded allocation in the case can become permanently damaged. The quick lube places tend to do things in a hurry so one can expect the drain plug to be loose, the filter to be loose, the oil filler cap to be left sitting on your battery or some other place and the oil level to be off. You can replace your existing oil pan drain plug with a copper plug. LOCTITE threadlockers combat common challenges such as loosening, corrosion and seizure of fasteners, ensuring high reliability. I too have stripped out my drain plug this week when changing oil. torque it to spec and use antiseize. Step 4. The most common way oil cases become damaged is from Harley drain plug over tightening. Remove the drain plug and allow all the oil to drain from the car. The primary drain plug is the lowest point on the engine gearbox and primary when bike is on the side stand oil can migrate from other areas and drip from the primary drain plug Brian fin_676 , … ... this can be a 30wt motor oil. If no then pipe thread sealant is inappropriate here. How common is sump plug thread damage ?. Each plug also had an O-ring. 05-19-2006, 08:31 PM. The sender is almost as big as the round dimple on the end of the drain plug. Every new day that you fly, the one thing you should do is check the tightness of the prop bolts. Some lube shops put a RVT Silicone substance across one side of the drain plug and filter to act as tamper seal so that way if someone decided to drain their own oil out or loosen their filter and run the car until it dies and then demands for a new car or engine we can check to see if the seal was broken and make our decision from there. Step 3. There are several different styles; you just need to choose the correct one for your application. Purple 222 will break free with 20 foot-pounds of torque or less, while Blue 242 will hold to about 50 foot-pounds. Should you apply Loctite to Prop Bolts? If you don't have a breaker bar, you can use a bit of pipe on the end of your ratchet. Here's a cheap and easy fix for a stripped oil drain plug thread problem. The bike was run pretty hard for a few weeks and the drain plug was pulled for an oil change. I am about to change the diff oil on my '02 DII and was wondering what you guys do with the drain plugs? You can kind see it in the picture I posted. Attempt to remove the bolt first with the correctly sized end wrench or socket. The transmission O-ring was broken and caused the plug to be under-torqued. Be glad they didn’t clean the oil off the threads or it most likely … Once you have drained all the oil in the oil pan, use a clean cloth to clean the teeth of the oil pan and put a new gasket. Don’t bother… You need to check the tightness of the bolts here ALL THE TIME. Neighbor said they used loctite on his and he had same problem. However, if you don't want a mess to clean up and there will be some then drain … The holes in your block that those plugs occupy weren't put there to create a failsafe for a frozen block, but rather were needed to facilitate the casting of the block. I went to do the first oil change on sons Escape and could not get plug off. What kind of idiot thinks it’s “ok” to put red locktite on drain bolt of any type? 1. If you are in a tight spot and you don't have time to repair the threads in the oil pan, you could install an rubber drain plug for the oil pan. Nov 3, 2004 1,967 0 47 Columbia, IL. Since they buy in bulk, the oil itself may have been blended wrong or tampered with (it happens, check Jobbersworld and PQIA sites). 05-19-2006, 07:45 PM. There was no oil leakage or any sign of trouble up to the point where the plug came out; no oil in the driveway, or parking spot at place of employment. If you can modify your existing drain plug this way and reseal in you may be good to go. Because the oversized drain plug has oversized the hole in the drain pan making it larger, so the insert will not hold properly. The below information was taken from the Loctite Industrial Product Guide and as you can see all of the temp. Tamper seal comes in white red blue green yellow. As for helicoils in aluminum they work just fine. I saw blue stuff around plug. After 36 days and 2500 miles driven, the oil drain plug fell out, resulting in severe engine damage. or tamper seal which most shops put on the drain plug to keep dishonest people from getting the oil changed and then loosening the plug to get an insurance claim. I'm not sure, but I think that means that the thread on the sump itself would also be damaged. We use them all day long on the planes at work and have no problems . kinda hard to explain, but one side of the open end goes through the closed end. It also mater where the bolts are located heat and oil do affect loctite. Can Loctite be used on external threads of inserts. Having a stripped out oil drain plug is something very annoying. Had a Helicoil installed in oil drain threads by an experienced mechanic who's done probably thousands of them, and he used Loctite black on the Helicoil when screwing it in. ya all you have to do is not over tighten the drain plug bolt next time. If the engine is cold and you are VERY quick, you can remove the plug - block the hole with your thumb and fit the washer to the plug with your free hand and then refit it ! Not normally, but if the gasket is a wafer material, then yes it might need to be replaced each time as the friction on and off will break it, and then you’ll leak engine oil/tranny fluid everywhere and kill your engine/tranny. Any thoughts? A leaky oil drain plug can be caused by several issues, most of which are accessible to the moderately experienced DIY car owner. I looked here and did some research on the TIME SERT insert kit. Are the threads in your oil drain plug hole stripped? No! Only put it tight enought so that next time you take out the bolt turns pretty easily . If it is for a permant or semi perminate application use red, green or even purple loctite. In most cases, it is the O-ring. You can easily buy standard drain plugs, so just move up one or two sizes. See How Remove the oil pan by using the socket wrench on the bolts securing the pan in place. Bannon88 Well-known member. Will Honda Drain plug repair work in “Tin Pans” with oversized drain plugs? That becuase the sender is about 75% the size of the drain plug. I bought a bag of 100 each, high temp o-rings for the oil and tranny or was it the primary, 2 different sizes. Another thing to do is to replace the part that’s faulty. its one ogf 2 things either rv sealant used for gaskets not normally drain plugs. Remove the oil pan gasket. Exert more pressure on the plug and it will eventually come loose. So after the fact, you plug off where you don't want oil to go with "oil galley plugs". How Do I Remove A Stripped Oil Drain Plug? I said sort of regarding "freeze" plugs as those aren't really freeze plugs at all. I bought some product from Bratton's to use on the fuel shutoff on my A pickup. Step 1 - Determine What Is Needed. I found it at for $95.00 and it Features: This complete kit includes: drill bit, counterboring tool, tap, tap guide, insert tool, & 5 inserts 0 0. polkan47. I'm not sure any of these threads are tapered. To help with that I have had the drain plug drilled out and tapped for a Fumoto drain valve. The rubber plug is used as a temporary fix, and it's not meant to be a permanent fix. The ability level is medium and easy if you are a mechanic. Clean the pan using degreaser to remove build up in the pan. If you've got red Loctite, don't bother trying to break it free; Red 271 is rated for about 3,000 psi of shear strength. Lv 4. The sump does not drain completely when level so I raise the left side up when draining. As I have a sump guard installed oil changes have always been messy. I've just had an oil and filter change on my Citroen Berlingo (5 years old, 62,000 miles) at a main dealer. 21. We're a journalistic website and aim to provide the best MoneySaving guides, tips, tools and techniques, but can't guarantee to be perfect, so do note you use the information at your own risk and we can't accept liability if things go wrong. Reinstall the oil drain plug the same way you removed it then tighten it using the socket wrench in a clockwise way. I'm not sure you wanna use any loctite on anything like a drain plug. stic. No…. Below are a few tips you can try to get the stuck oil drain plug free. Leaves very little metal left to support the torque you put into the drain plug. Try turning the oil pan drain plug. But, the problem could also be with the spark plug, as mentioned earlier. Previous owner used Kwik Lube. Let the Car Warm Up. To get the car warm, either let it sit idle for a few minute or use the chance to kill two birds with one stone and run a short errand. This is why, once you get rid of the oil, you should take measures to ensure it doesn’t repeat. I've tried using Loctite High Temperature 592 Thread Sealant on the drain plug multiple times and it still leaks oil. A gearbox failure can lead to costly setback and affect overall plant operations. Oil is vital to the health of your vehicle, and quickly repairing a leak can save hundreds or even thousands in repair bills down the road. If it bulges, you can continue draining the oil. A plug of that size could easily hold beyond the shear strength of the square used to remove it with red locktite on it. I've got a 2008 Big Dog Pitbull, and engine oil appears to be leaking from the oil tank drain plug. 1 decade ago. Info on the Time Sert Drain plug repair kit. A lot of people put it too tight. Someone said use blue loctite. My new-to-me Fat Boy had some white-colored pipe thread sealant on its three oil drain plugs (engine, chain case, transmission). To start just drain oil completely then put a small oily rag or cotton ball or sponge inside the hole with a needle nose pliers (to catch loose aluminum chips. IF THIS VIDEO HELPED YOU OR SOMEONE ELSE, CLICK HERE TO DONATE SO I CAN CONTINUE TO SHARE VIDEOS. Dec 2, 2004 #2 I've never had a problem with mine leaking. The shop manual says to use Loctite 290, but at the dealer they said their service guys always use Teflon tape so there's no leaks. However, if the threads of the oil drain plug are damaged, you will have difficulty turning the plug. nosliw. Replace the gasket with a new one to make sure it does not leak oil. I don't care what HD says or does, I'd never use tape on the motor oil plug. This will save you a lot of trouble. I would stick with and o-ring and maybe a dab of pipe dope that is like a paint on stuff. Save Share. Our advice is that you replace the gasket completely and start afresh. While the car is warming up, the inner components and elements are also warming up, including the oil drain pan.

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