Intern Development (IDP)


The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) is responsible for establishing, interpreting and enforcing the Intern Development Program (IDP) and architecture training requirements.

The IDP Advisory Committee was created in 1975 by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) and the AIA. The group functions as an advisor to NCARB and AIA on matters related to improving the Intern Development Program. The objective of IDP is to prepare interns for competent practice.  The IDP training requirement establishes levels of training in important areas of architectural practice.

The AIA National web site offers a number of resource highlights and information to assist AIA Associate members and interns in their continuing education. For further information about IDP training requirements and NCARB Council Record application procedures, visit the NCARB web site, e-mail NCARB Customer Service, or call NCARB Customer Service at (202) 879-0520.

NEW! NCARB Launches New Reporting System: NCARB launched a new electronic Experience Verification Reporting system (e-EVR) on 12/31/2008. The new reporting system allows interns to report their experience for the Intern Development Program (IDP) online through “My NCARB Record” instead of sending in paper forms.

For assistance in Mississippi, e-mail the AIA Mississippi State Coordinator for IDP.

Emerging Professionals Companion: An Online Resource

Developed by AIA and NCARB, The Emerging Professionals Companion (EPC) is an online resource for emerging professionals. Primarily intended as a means for interns to earn IDP credit, this resource also can be used by educators in professional practice courses, by young architects seeking continuing education credit, by AIA components developing programming for emerging professionals (e.g., mentoring programs, study groups), and by firms looking for in-house curricula. The EPC’s 16 chapters are aligned with NCARB’s 16 IDP training areas.  Each chapter begins with an in-depth narrative of the subject and provides interactive material. Sign up and learn more!

ARE Study Resources

The AIA National website includes a list of ARE Study resources including:

  • ARE Information from NCARB
  • ARE Study Guides
  • ARE Seminar Instructors
  • Helpful websites

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Careers in Architecture

The AIA and AIAS have developed a new online portal for information related to careers in architecture. Visit and learn more.


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