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Exam and License Information

Mississippi has a title act, as well as some aspects of a practice act. An individual cannot offer architectural services, use the title “architect,” or practice architecture without first having obtained a license. For strict guidelines on solicitation as an applicant, see rule 2.07.

To obtain licensure in Mississippi, an applicant must meet the requirements of Sections 73-1-13 and/or 73-1-21 of the Architect Registration Act, as well as those outlined in Chapter 2 of the Rules and Regulations. Indviduals can apply for initial licensure after completing the ARE as a Mississippi Exam Candidate, or for reciprocal licensure if initial licensure has been granted by another NCARB jurisdiction.

All licenses expire on November 30 of each odd year, regardless of the date obtained.

Business Structure and Name Requirements

The Board does not register firms separately from individuals, but each individual must comply with the provisions of Section 73-1-19 of the Mississippi Code when practicing through a firm or business entity in this State. Questions regarding firm structure can be best answered by an attorney.

Business Corporation: An architect is prohibited from providing or offering architectural services through a business corporation, or any firm with “Inc.” in its name (see 73-1-19).

Allowable Businesses: The only types of businesses through which an architect can lawfully practice in Mississippi are (see rule 3.02.1):

  • sole proprietorship (individual)
  • professional association (PA)
  • professional limited liability corporation (PLLC)
  • professional corporation (PC)
  • partnership

Firm Management and Structure: In order for a Mississippi licensed architect to practice through a business entity, each stockholder, member, officer, director, partner and/or manager of that entity must be either a licensed architect or engineer in their state of residence (see rule 3.02.1).

Firm Names: Use of the word “architects” in a firm name is reserved for firms with more than one licensed architect (see rule 3.02.12). Also, a firm name is considered improper if it contains the name or names of individuals who are actively license in other jurisdictions if none of the individuals named in the firm name are actively licensed in Mississippi (see rule 3.02.3).

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