i hate pitbulls

I don’t hate them, they’re splendid looking dogs. HATE is such a strong word. Why I Hate Pit Bull Terriers. he looks like a damn egg always in a suit with glasses in every situation. And if ya don't then tell me Why you think people think they're evil I have a strong dislike for Pitbull . he ruins the song. CHECK OUT SHOUTOUT SUDBURY UNCUT! I started a thread the other day because I am buying a dog and I stated I have a child and all the ignorant pitbull owners were still acting like pits are the nicest dogs..... OK, even a rotweiller doesnt account for half the attacks pitbulls rack up. The topic is the unfair pit bull hate. In my opinion , honestly maybe it's just because he's way too rich and hyped . I have two they are sweet and loving. This page promotes violence against animals mainly the Pit Bull breed and any mix of that breed.
KEEP CLICKING TO SEE THE REASONS WHY PEOPLE HATE … Personalize it! They are so braindead and moronic, its not even funny. 342. Posted on September 26, 2012 by admin. But not, really. If super happy, loving dogs aren't your thing, then you shouldn't adopt a pit bull. I still despise him tho~ 1) Actual Pitbulls are way cooler than Pitbull the owners of this page have posted pit bull grilling recipes as well as post on how they abuse them. It all depends on the way the dog is raised. I hate going on Google, searching up the modt dangerous or worst dog breeds, and every list, every word is pitbull hate. He's not clever. These aren't untrue stories or myths, Pitbulls have attacked lots of people with no warning. Pit bulls love you. Pitbulls have got a bad reputation from bad, irresponsible breeding. That was all Pitbull. the-wandering-wolff. I love pitbulls there my breed of choice well them and yorkies, I dont think its that people hate them they fear them. No. I’ve been meaning to write about Pits for a while and I decided to do it now, so here goes! I agree with you 100% The dogs owners are giving them a bad name because they raise them to fight. When i was younger! However, most people do not have the proper Pit Bull information to make good judgement of them. They are the best two dogs I've ever had. understandable but not all pitbulls are aggressive! He's on every damn song and to be honest the tune and melody in those songs are incredible but the repititiveness is so ***** annoying when it comes to pitbulls part. I started a thread the other day because I am buying a dog and I stated I have a child and all the ignorant pitbull owners were still acting like pits are the nicest dogs..... OK, even a rotweiller doesnt account for half the attacks pitbulls rack up. I mean common. A year ago a German Shepherd attacked his owners son, and it wasnt even put on the news, but when I was 15 a pitbull mix attacked the neibor it … SHARES. Don't Adopt Pit Bull Puppies If... 1. All depending on the OWNERS they have. Ten years ago, when I was looking for a dog to replace my recently deceased service dog, so many people wanted me to adopt a pit bull from the shelter. So don't hate the dog, in a sense you may have dislike for the owners though. #hate #i hate Pitbull. I HATE PEOPLE PITBULLS. I don't hate pitbulls. Pit bulls, he says, were bred not to be aggressive to people. No need to message me about the name, it was a snide reply to the nasty page I hate Pitbulls. And I mean loooooove you. Many of us Facebook users have repeatedly ask Facebook administrators to shut down the Facebook page called " I hate pit bull owners". I just get tired of people talking about them like they are the greatest dogs on the planet. He is so creepy and terrible and looks like a pedo but the remix of ‘We Run The Night’ by Havana Brown is really good. ! I HATE pitbull! Although generally, as was already stated, pits can do severe damage on someone, probably a lot more than even bigger dogs, so that can scare a lot of people. Here are more than a dozen reasons people can't stand this pop sensation from MIami. When people hate things, in this case Pit Bulls, they tend to get a passion burnt up inside. When I did my first obedience class, Rockstar was in it with 3 mastiffs, a pit bull, a golden, some mixed breed medium sized dog, a weinheimer, and some shepards. Last night, Sept 26 2012 a friend on Facebook posted a story in their feed about a Pit Bull attack that occurred in Texas. so if you hate them then you should tell me Why because I don't understand!! You hate happy dogs. THEY ARE NOT LIKE THAT ANYMORE!! I even have a rabbit and they never bother it. I have had pitbulls my whole life! There are some really sweet ones and really aggressive ones. Some people hate pitbulls because they think they're evil dogs. I hate pitbulls!! Pitbull sucks…and here’s why. he has no creativity. If I start calling myself “Mrs. animals... and love for all animals. 617” you can slap me. Pitbull I Hate People shirts, apparel, posters are available at OHHCLOSET. Product ID : CM_81DX9TV {{noGlitterText}} Inches | Centimeters. I hate people who hate pitbulls. Because there kid or someone they no got bit by one? But I am scared of them, although not so much for their given image on ferocity rather than I’m dead scared of all dogs. "A pit bull that attacked humans would have been useless to dog fighters," he contends; "the dogs needed to be handled by strangers in the middle of a fight." Now a majority of people think all pitbulls … '' All humans are evil, all dogs are innocent and beautiful! '' There are a lot of, again irresponsible, Pitbull owners who sought this particular breed because of it's bad reputation. They want to be with you, near you and on you. All pitbull breeds are actually lovely dogs in my opinion. If you hate pitbulls then you're just like them, pitbulls aren't mean I have two. Dogs usually live happy lives just by pleasing their owners. A lot of "pets gone wrong" stories involve Pitbulls. {{(carousel.index + 1) + ' of ' + carouselImages.length}} Product Details Sizing Chart. To me little dogs are the nasty ones who bite people. It seems like everyone loves Pitbull. Supporters are now helping to Stop tigers extinction Campaign closed 62,702 signed the petition to i hate pitbulls facebook page (FACEBOOK) 10 notes. Some believe that he did not have the talent or hardwork to have made it big in the pop industry to begin with anyway . Baron Tremayne Caple I Hate Pitbull/Pitbulls Dog/Dogs ℗ Fiction And Non-Fiction Entertainment Inc.; Music By … He's not good. 1.9K likes. Why does everyone hate pitbulls? So all you pitbull haters need to stop becasue it just isnt right. Even small ones. I’m sure that nobody looked at Pitbull and was like “You know what man, you totally represent the ENTIRE city of Miami, you should just call yourself Mr. 305!” No fucking way. Too unpredictable and dangerous. I swear they are the most retarded people on the planet. Ive never liked the breed. The Pit Bull info that people usually have, is brought by myths and talk of other people and their mythologies. They can’t be ... A pit bull is a great breed, they are great family dogs. how he is famous I do not know!? Pitbull has done absolutely nothing to change the rap game in any way. I hate Pitbull so much. I have had pitbulls my whole life and I don't understand Why people hate them so much they are the sweetest dogs EVER!! Pit-bull expert Semencic makes a more sophisticated argument as to why pit bulls shouldn't be singled out for regulation. And they want to love on you, mostly with big sloppy kisses. There are tons of pitbulls around here, and while I don't hate pits as dogs; I wouldn't mind having one. Published April 21, 2017. They even have their own language that they speak in....their language has a very limited vocabulary though - '' It's not the dog's fault its the owners fault! '' He is old, ugly, bald, ruins every single song that he features on, I dont think he has one song where he is the only singer in it that has got into at least the top 40, he does that really really really annoying noise in every single song I mean what even is that, try something new for once! SHARE TWEET. PIT BULLS ARE JUST "BAD" AND "DANGEROUS" BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE STEROTYPE THEM AND THEY HAVE A BAD REPUTATION DUE TO THEIR OLD PAST! and every single time he features in a song he always sounds the same.

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